Our Solutions

farm Management

  • Providing Sourcing management for big farm operations such as Seed Production, Cotton Production, Sugar Factories, Poultry, Plantations, Aquaculture, Honey Production, Grain production and many more
  • An end-to-end solution starting from Produce Order Logging to Fulfilment through Task and Template based customized Farming
  • P&L Tracking at Task level
  • Produce Provenance tracking with traceability mechanism
  • Smart Inventory Management and auto re-order advisory
  • Key Soil Statistics and Farm Imaging
  • Weather Advisories for better output
  • Smart Decisioning using Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Drone & IoT Interfacing Capabilities

Farm lending

  • Facilitation for loan processing and disbursement in association with lending partners
  • Information availability about all Loans and Grants from Government and Private Bodies
  • Loan Underwriting Capability with relevant and applicable data points
  • Produce Life Cycle Progress and Risk projection to FIs.

Farm Insurance

  • Insurance Initiation and facilitation with partners/ institutions
  • Information availability about all crop insurance schemes from Government/ Private Bodies
  • Produce Life Cycle Progress and Risk projection to FIs.
  • Auto Insurance Payouts using Blockchain technology.

Market place

  • An open platform for buyers and sellers to transact and trade
  • An easy interface for farmers and aggregators to compare the products availability and pricing
  • Easy and secured payment mechanism 

agri school

  • Various learning modules for trader, growers
  • Relevant knowledge sharing collaterals with best practices
  • Specific Geographies related advisories
  • Open chat options for best practices sharing within the group 

organanic Farming

  • Task Template based Organic Land Conversion consulting
  • Conversion progress tracking and exception reporting
  • Verification and audit support through third party intervention

360 degree view farm management

Salient Features

Why Choose US ?


  • Support for end to end Order life cycle fulfilment
  • Automated Decisions 
  • Seamless Integration, Farmers profiling, Smart plans decisioning, 


  • Task Based Farming tracking
  • Produce Level Templatized Task based tracking & management
  • Real time Inventory mgmt. & reorder advisories in advance
  • Real time activity completion tracking and reporting.
  • An e-marketplace to enable farmers to buy the agri inputs at the most competitive price


  • Crop Health determination
  • Yield prediction
  • Sale price Forecast based on Integration with Commodity exchanges
  • Order & customer level P&L forecast


  • Produce Provenance tracking using Blockchain technology
  • Support template based Organic Conversion process and tracking.
  • Best Practices sharing, and Farmers education.


  • Real time Inventory management and re-order points advisories
  • Enables Precision Farming
  • Real time Smart decisioning using data inputs from IoT devices, Satellite and drone-based imagery.

Richness, Cost Effectiveness & Simplicity

  • Simple & Easy to use User Interface
  • Multi Lingual and multi-currency support
  • Cloud Based deployment and data security
  • Competitive price

Who are we relevant to

Corporate Farm aggregator

FPOs & Agricultural Societies

Agri Lenders

Seeds producing Companies

Export oriented Crop production

Organic Certifying Bodies


Cloud based SaaS Model System

  • Cloud based scalable system
  • Available from anywhere
  • Security Compliance

Mobile Based Interface:

  • Farmers Job Card with Voice interface
  • Local language Support
  • Offline & Online Mode Functions
  • Audit and process tracking

Machine Learning applied Farm Management

  • Data Integration with Drones, IoT Sensors, Meteorological data, Satellite Images and Upstream & Downstream systems
  • Crop Health and Yield prediction
  • What If scenarios Analysis
  • P/L tracking on an ongoing basis

Blockchain Based Provenance Tracking

  • Provenance Tracking using Blockchain Algorithm
  • Support Organic Farming
  • Support Organic Farm conversion

About Us

Simplifying Farm Operations

AGRICOSMOSPLUS, a unit of Squareorbit Technologies Pvt Ltd is a technology driven startup which is trying to streamline the agriculture life cycle at all key stages during sourcing and big farm operations. It offers a platform and underlying services, that is purely data driven SaaS based cloud hosted. This platform has the capability to serve multiple lines of business with an ability to monitor the complete produce life cycle leveraging technology IoT, Mobility, Blockchain, Machine Learning algorithms. Our system caters to various phases of Farming such as production, post harvesting and provides an ability to control the cycle with respect to cost, quality, yield predictability and thus influencing the quality output for agribusiness firms, FPO, FPC, end users. AGRICOSMOSPLUS is sector agnostic and can be used in all the Agricultural allied segments such as Seed Production, Cotton Production, Sugar Factories, Poultry, Plantations, Aquaculture, Honey Production, Grain production and many more.


Agri Cosmos Plus is an intuitive, intelligent, self-evolving system that delivers future-ready farming solutions to the entire agricultural sector. We deliver decision-making tools that bring consistency, dependability and sustainability to agri-businesses. With capabilities of live reporting, analysis, interpretation and insight that span across geographies, we’re digitizing every farm, while data-managing the entire ecosystem. Our smarter agri solutions are powered in real-time; for you to archive patterns, predict trends, to make a blueprint for your business in the times to come.



Simplifying big farming operations with latest technological intervention for enhancing farm productivity and sustainability


To become world’s leading SaaS based ag-tech platform for simplifying sourcing and farming operations






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